Testing Hair To Test For Drugs

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The erstwhile but rebellious college student may be suggesting to his friends on the lawns during a break between lectures; whatever next will they come up with. Being the typical young rebels that they are, young and free-spirited, they have elected to grow their hair as long as possible. They steer clear away from the jocks on the other turf in the process. But little do these jocks know, and no saintly angels are they either, that they too can be tested for drugs, no matter how crew-cut short their hair is.

There are those colleges that have no alternative but to depend on the astuteness of the hair follicle testing richmond va laboratory. This is being done in the best interests of promoting the health and wellbeing of the college community. And that may just include the junior lecturers and college professors too. Because these days, you just never know. What is it about college life? The spirit of rebellious continues.

Even though it may very well endanger lives, if not that, it could very well impair any student or teacher’s ability to think critically, behave rationally and work with the required discipline in order to achieve successful results. You would have thought by now that the teachers would have learned by now. So much for practicing what you preach. What young and rebellious college students need to realize that on campus drug testing is being conducted in their best interests.

It prepares them at least for professional life in the interim. No prospective employer is going to want take on a prospective employee with a whiff of drugs, no matter how promising a talent he may be. Today, employers have been given carte blanche to utilize this job screening method.