Gum Care Is Now Organic

There is a dental practitioner that is advocating the use of baking soda paste. While the  post-operative gum care bel air md practice is nothing new, and while such a practice’s turning to organic practices and its related materials can now be celebrated, the use of baking soda paste is nothing new either.

post-operative gum care bel air md

Indeed, and provided that the reader has been well briefed by his or her organic practicing dentist, preparing baking soda paste is not difficult. Also, pre-packaged baking soda paste carries instructions and again it must be assumed that these instructions are legible and user friendly. Easy to read and understand in other words.

Here is a brief introductory demonstration of the required preparation. A mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide needs to be prepared. It is done by merely adding just a couple of drops of water. This is being done to dilute the peroxide. The result is that the mixture will be thick, just like in the case of conventional toothpaste.

The dentist’s recommended toothbrush will then be dipped into the mixture. After that the toothbrush mixture will be applied to the gum-line area of only three or four teeth at a time. After that, the user will be massaging, not brushing. The massage will be applied in a circular but firm motion. The user needs to be careful to not scrub sideways. After the tooth massage is completed, the mixture needs to be spat out.

It now needs to be cleaned and a new mixture applied to the toothbrush. The same massage process will now be applied to another set of teeth. This repetitive process will run until such time that the entire mouth area has been treated. Always just remember that attention needs to be placed to the inner surfaces of the teeth which ironically can be difficult to reach.