Dentally-Speaking; What Constitutes Emergency?

Getting it done. As soon as is reasonably be possible. That’s got to be a motto of emergency dentist long beach consultations. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves; not to be extreme, let’s rather hope that burning the midnight oil is not a motto for this surgery. That doesn’t mean to say that there’s not going to be a practice that is not going to be open at such unholy hours. And it’s not a reflection on the work they do down there at all.

It is more an enduring hope that the need for such hours will not be altogether necessary. It is to be hoped that the number of people driven to emergency consultations will be kept to a minimum in the sense that they will not be prone to unexpected and/or traumatic accidents and/or incidents. The most common of these would be the road accident. And at that time of the night, unfortunately, these accidents should never have occurred in the first incidence.

It should be well known by now that the charge of culpable homicide as a consequence of drunk/driving is a punishable offence that requires at least a jail term. Drunk/driving is, of course, illegal. There are also the ongoing tragedies of gang-related violence in generally low income neighborhoods. These always have the tendency to occur late at night and are usually stoked by the loss of inhibitions owing to the excessive consumption of alcohol.

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Also something that could have been avoided as an emergency is the better and consistent treatment and care of the teeth and gums. This is to be a collaborative effort on the part of both the dentist and his patients. He sees them at least twice a year whilst they keep on brushing and flossing regularly.